bamboo window

Bamboo Window Shades for Beautiful Living Space

Decorating your living space will be more interesting when you can focus on the lighting design. However, the lighting can be such a beautiful idea to take benefit from the natural lighting design. The natural lighting from the sunlight will bring the positive atmosphere, however we need to block it if it is too much coming to the room. The beautiful bamboo window shades would be such a beautiful idea […]

bamboo hut pantip

Beautiful Bamboo Hut for Beautiful Patio

Concept for the patio decoration can be done in many ways; we can design it with the beautiful bamboo hut to be the patio in our backyard. Bamboo patio would be such a beautiful idea, because it looks so elegant and natural. Concept of the bamboo in this wonderful space looks so perfect and stylish. It seems so great where the natural and classic design will make your patio looks […]

bamboo gardens brick nj

Astonishing Bamboo Gardens Landscape for Lovely Garden Design

Creating the beautiful garden in your home can be done by planting the bamboo there. The unique bamboo style also looks so perfect and wonderful where the beautiful garden will be more interesting with the green view. There are some beautiful Bamboo Gardens from some modern houses that will inspire you to create the bamboo theme for your garden. It promises for everyone to have the special place for doing […]

bamboo flooring reviews

Amazing Bamboo floor Design for Your Kitchen Way

Somehow, we do not realize that something simple can be so great to be our furniture like the bamboo which is growing widely in some woods. It can be such a beautiful Bamboo floor where many house have been using it to be part of their kitchen way or their bathroom furniture. It is not only because of the unique design of the look, but also the bamboo material is […]

painted bamboo rugs

Beautiful Bamboo Rugs for Your Modern Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen can be done in many ways, like adding the Bamboo Rugs there. The bamboo that we have known probably is only for being the furniture like the chairs, tables and the windows shades for your living room. Therefore, the bamboo material is also one of the beautiful materials that are able to be your rugs. Well, you can find it and you can choose it to complete […]

blockaide bay window curtain rod

How to Install Bay Window Curtain Rod

The bay window curtain rod usually connects three rods that are separate from each other. These curtain rods are then creating the curved formation that looks like the same shape of the window below. At first, this may look a bit difficult to install, but once you know the step by step instruction, even you can do it yourself. Number one is to stray by laying the bay window curtain […]